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7.1.5 Freedom of Information Act Implementation Rules

All requests for access to information pursuant to the Illinois Freedom of Information Act must be referred to the Public Records Officer immediately for response.  The University is required by state law to respond to these requests within five (5) working days of receipt.

The Illinois Freedom of Information Act (“Act”) requires public bodies to provide public access to government documents and records. As a public body under the Act, Illinois State University is required to comply with the Act.  The Act requires that records, regardless of physical form, possessed by or under the control of any public body be made accessible to anyone who wishes to see them, except as otherwise provided in the Act.

Public Records Officer

In the normal course of business, offices on campus may receive numerous inquiries for information.  This policy is not intended to inhibit that normal exchange of information.  However, any request made specifically under the Act, or any request that appears to be covered by an exemption under the Act, must be referred immediately to the Public Records Officer at publicrecords@ilstu.edu.

The Public Records Officer maintains a website at https://mediarelations.illinoisstate.edu/foia/.  All requests for access to information under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act must be forwarded to the Public Records Officer at Campus Box 1000, Normal, IL  61790-1000 or by e-mail to publicrecords@ilstu.edu.  All relevant information must be turned over for review to the Public Records Officer who will determine, in consultation with the General Counsel if necessary, what information is responsive to the request and if there is any information which falls under an exception.

Any responsive documents may be viewed at a pre-arranged time on campus without charge, or a copy may be obtained for a minimal charge for photocopying (not to exceed $.15/page).  If the documents are to be sent by United States mail, there will be a charge for reimbursement of postage costs. The Public Records Officer may request pre-payment before printed copies of records are provided in response to a request.

The Public Records Officer will notify the requestor within five (5) working days, or within any extended deadline, of the status of his or her request. The notification will be in the form of a letter or e-mail that explains the reasons for any denial.

A request for review of a university decision to redact information from, or deny access to, public records must be submitted to the Public Access Counselor in the Office of the Illinois Attorney General’s Office within sixty (60) days of the date of the denial.  Any such request for review must be in writing, signed by the requester, and include the copy of the request and the response from the University.  The contact information for the Public Access Counselor can be located at http://www.illinoisattorneygeneral.gov/.

This policy is not intended to provide a complete explanation of the legal requirements of the Act. The best source for that information is the Illinois Attorney General’s website and the Act itself.  Further clarification of this policy may be obtained from the Public Records Officer or the Office of General Counsel.

Initiating body: General Counsel

Contact: General Counsel (309-438-8999)

Revised on: 01/2010

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