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7.1.48 Appropriated Operating Funds


The state of Illinois appropriates General Revenue (10100) funds. It is through this statutory authority that the University is permitted to obligate funds (issue purchase orders) and incur expenditures. Funds are appropriated by line item and represent the maximum that may be expended in each line item.

The funds are appropriated by:

  • Personal Services
  • Contribution, University Retirement System
  • Contribution Social Security
  • Contractual Service
  • Travel
  • Commodities
  • Equipment & Library Books
  • Telecommunications
  • Operation Automotive Equipment
  • Awards & Grants & Matching Funds
  • Repairs, Maintenance and Other Capital Improvements

The University has sub-divided some of the appropriations into multiple object classes. For example, the appropriation of commodities is divided into the commodities and printing object classes. These are explained in the Coding Guidelines.

Initiating body: Vice President for Finance and Planning

Contact: Comptroller's Office (309-438-5667)

Revised on: 04/2004

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