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7.1.4 Inspection, Examination, Use and Control of University Financial Records


Financial records of the University are available for inspection subject to the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and University Policy 7.1.5.

The Comptroller, as the legal custodian of the University's financial records, has the responsibility for the safekeeping and protection against alteration, injury, or mutilation of original financial records. Any person or persons wishing to examine and inspect these records must present his/her FOIA request in written form to the University's Public Records Officer (see Policy 7.1.5) identifying by reasonable description the records desired.

The Comptroller representative, in conjunction with the Public Records Officer shall then make arrangements for the inspection.  The inspection shall be performed under the direct supervision and observation of the Comptroller, or an officer designated by him/her.  Original financial records may not be removed from the area of inspection and the inspection shall be terminated if, in the judgment of the officer responsible, the records of the University are in jeopardy of mutilation, destruction, or removal.

Initiating body: Office of the President

Contact: Comptroller's Office (309-438-2143)

Revised on: 10/2016

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