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7.1.31 Auxiliary Facilities System


The Board of Trustees, on behalf of the University, has issued revenue bonds. They are called revenue bonds because revenue generated from facilities (see below) is pledged to the retirement of the bonds. At the end of FY15 there was $91,385,379 of bonds payable outstanding. The current bonds mature between now and the year 2033.

The bonds have financed:

  • Residence Halls
  • Residence Apartments (Shelbourne, Fell/School Street)
  • Dining Centers
  • Commissary (John Green)
  • Bone Student Center/Braden Auditorium
  • Bowling & Billiards Center
  • Hancock Stadium
  • Horton Field House
  • Golf Course
  • Student Fitness Center
  • Redbird Arena
  • Parking Lots and Ramps
  • Hancock Football Facility
  • Center for the Performing Arts

Initiating body: Vice President for Finance and Planning

Contact: Comptroller's Office (309-438-5667)

Revised on: 07/2015

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