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7.1.28 Cash Travel Advance


Staff members traveling on University business may obtain a cash travel advance if they meet the conditions described below. This cash advance is a university service to employees to cover out-of-pocket travel expenses that are expected to be reimbursed to the employee from University accounts. It is not provided for expenses that can be charged on a University direct billing or paid directly by the departmental credit card.

Who may Receive Advances

  1. Faculty and staff members who are supervising student groups traveling on University-sponsored activities.
  2. Faculty and staff members traveling to a foreign country.  Mexico and Canada are considered foreign travel.
  3. Faculty and staff members who are on domestic travel extending at least seven consecutive days.  Hawaii and Alaska are considered domestic travel.
  4. Admissions Office staff whose primary job responsibility is off-campus student recruiting.

Approval of Advances

Employees may not approve their own travel advance. All cash travel advances require the signature of the account’s fiscal agent on the cash travel advance authorization form (available from the Cashier’s Office in triplicate).  If the traveler is fiscal agent for the account that will be reimbursing the travel expense, the traveler’s supervisor must sign the request form.

Form of the Travel Advance

The traveler will be given cash at the Cashier’s Office upon the presentation of a properly authorized cash travel advance form (available at the Cashier's Office).  If a check is desired, four days advance notice will be needed.

Repayment of the Travel Advance

The travel advance is a direct loan to an individual and must be repaid in full by that individual.  Repayment of the travel advance is not contingent upon the employee receiving full travel expense reimbursement from the University.  Any cash that is lost or stolen is the responsibility of the borrower as there is no University liability.


Students, guests, non-salaried appointees, members of boards and committees, interviewees, or others do NOT normally receive advances even though all or some of their travel expenses may be reimbursed.  Exceptions may be approved by the University Comptroller in instances where the best interests of the University are clearly served by issuing the advance.

Delinquent Advances

The advance is considered delinquent if it is not repaid by the end of the following month after the return from the trip.  All delinquent advances will be deducted in full from the employee’s next paycheck and the employee will be ineligible for any future travel advances.  Any exceptions would be approved only after appeal to the University Comptroller explaining any unique and unavoidable circumstances causing the delinquency.

Initiating body: Vice President for Finance and Planning

Contact: Comptroller's Office - travelservices@ilstu.edu

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