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7.1.10 Fundraising


Through the Illinois State University Foundation, Illinois State University solicits and receives private gifts that further the educational, research, and public service mission of the University.  The University sets the fundraising priorities and University Advancement is responsible for all fund-raising activities generating private gift support.   All funds or gifts accruing to or received by the University, whether solicited or unsolicited, are for the use and benefit of Illinois State University and are held in accordance with the trust or restriction imposed thereon by the donor.

The Illinois State University Foundation, assisted by University Advancement, has the sole authority to receive, hold and administer all private donations to the University, as chartered by the State of Illinois and described in a Memorandum of Understanding between the University and the Foundation.

University Advancement, the Office of Development and Office of Annual Giving are responsible for coordinating fund raising on behalf of the University, its colleges, departments and nonacademic units (including Athletics and Student Affairs, except for fundraisers that registered student organizations have such as raffles, bake sales and other small donations solicited from local organizations.)

Such funds and/or gifts will be acquired through and accounted for by procedures prescribed by law(s) or regulations set forth by the appropriate legislative or administrative body. Persons involved in securing funds or gifts for the University must adhere to the procedures prescribed for the category of funds or gifts solicited or received. [Contacts: ISU Foundation (438-4321), Office of University Advancement (438-7681), Office of Development (438-5275) or Office of Annual Giving (438-2592).  The web link for University Advancement is http://advancement.illinoisstate.edu/


1.  Fund-raising efforts should support the strategic direction of the University.

2.  All requests to execute annual gift (under $25,000) solicitation efforts must be coordinated through the Office of Annual Giving.

3.  All solicitations of major gifts ($25,000 or more) from individuals, corporations, or foundations must be approved by and coordinated through the Office of Development.

4.  All fund-raising campaigns must be approved by the Office of the President and coordinated through University Advancement.

All fund-raising programs and projects that represent, directly or indirectly, any segment of Illinois State University must be approved in advance by the Office of University Advancement.  All funds, including gifts and grants from private and corporate sources (other than those received by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs*), and all other fund-raising income intended for use by a unit of Illinois State University, must be received, processed by, and deposited in the Illinois State University Foundation through the Office of University Advancement.  At no time may any of these funds be held in accounts other than through the Illinois State University Foundation.


Research and operating grant proposals for governmental agencies and foundations are to be coordinated through the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.  For purposes of this policy the following definitions apply to funds assigned to Foundation and University accounts:

Foundation Funding - A gift, donation, or philanthropic grant is a voluntary and irrevocable transfer of money or property, made by a donor without any expectation of or receipt of direct economic benefit or any other tangible compensation (i.e., goods or services) from the donee that is commensurate with the worth of the donation. A gift may require some formal financial and/or performance reporting by the recipient as to the actual use of the money or property donated.

RSP Funding - An exchange grant or contract is a written agreement representing the voluntary transfer of money or property by a sponsor in exchange for specifically enumerated performance of services and usually requires some formal financial and/or performance reporting by the recipient as to the actual use of the money or property awarded. The agreement is enforceable by law, and performance is usually to be accomplished under time and fund-use constraints, with the transfer of support revocable for cause.

In cases where a donor uses the term “gift” and “grant” interchangeably, these definitions will apply.

Fund-raising Ventures and Programs

Fund-raising ventures that involve the solicitation of expensive prizes and costly donations should also be coordinated with University Advancement.

Any proposed fund-raising program or project submitted to University Advancement must be approved by the appropriate university administrative authority (i.e., Chairperson, Dean, Vice President, etc.) before contacting University Advancement for further consideration.  Any decision which cannot be finalized by University Advancement will be referred to the President's Cabinet for consideration and resolution.

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Initiating body: President's Cabinet

Contact: Vice President for University Advancement (309-438-7681)

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