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6.2.3 Space Planning

Space planning procedures - request for proposals

The University has a formal space planning policy and process which is used for allocating space within existing and new facilities. Departments are notified when new space becomes available for reassignment. Request for Proposals (RFPs) must be sent to Facilities Planning for new space. Each proposal is evaluated according to specific criteria and allocations are approved by the President and Vice Presidents.

Space Allocation Plans

Facilities Planning provides technical assistance to any department which intends to reallocate space within their area of jurisdiction. Space allocation plans and options are also prepared for their consideration.

Space Utilization Studies

Upon request, Facilities Planning will work closely with departments to analyze the use of facilities. Special space utilization studies are also prepared for the administration and for other governing boards when required.

Interior Graphics and Signage

Interior room identification signs and directional signs are produced and installed by the Facilities Management Department or as part of construction/remodeling projects. Individual room insert signs identifying the occupant and department can be obtained from Facilities Planning.

University Space Inventory Management

Facilities Planning is responsible for maintaining the University's space inventory system. The inventory is updated annually with the assistance of each college department. Inventory reports can be obtained from Facilities Planning.

Initiating body: Facilities Planning

Contact: Facilities Planning (309-438-8606)

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