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6.1.12 Recycling, Waste Reduction, and Procurement of Recycled Products


The Solid Waste Management Act mandates all institutions of higher education in the state of Illinois to reduce landfilled solid waste. To comply with the Act, Illinois State University implemented  Recycling Programs to reduce the stream of waste products. Recycling at Illinois State University has become an important waste management activity which conserves natural resources, landfill space, and reduces waste disposal costs.

The University recognizes that recycling is only one component of its Solid Waste Management Plan. In order for the recycling programs to continue, the University must make conscious efforts to reduce solid waste and help sustain recycling markets by not discriminating against recycled products. In addition, for recycling programs to be economically feasible, additional markets need to be developed so the value of recovered materials is greater than the cost to collect, transport, process, and remanufacture recyclables.

To support the development of such markets, the University must purchase products with recycled content. A goal of the University is to purchase 25% of its disposable products made from recycled content.


The three components of this policy are designed to save resources, reduce solid waste, and improve markets for recycled products. Active participation of all University constituents is crucial if the Illinois State University Recycling Programs are to be successful.

  1. Recycling - The University is committed to campus wide recycling collection and supports the development and implementation of such for all campus units.
  2. Waste Reduction - The University considers volume reduction as a number one priority of the Solid Waste Management Plan. All campus constituents must reduce the volume of their solid waste stream.
  3. Procurement of Recycled Products - The University will not discriminate against, and preference must be given to, products made with recycled material content whenever cost, specifications, standards, and availability are comparable.

Specific procedures for the development and implementation of programs regarding recycling, waste reduction, and procurement of recycled products can be found from Facilities Services.

Initiating body: Facilities Management

Contact: University Recycling, 309-438-SAVE (7283)

Revised on: 10/2002

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