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6.1.10 Building Security


The University will secure buildings Monday through Friday one hour after the last class or other scheduled program of the day. Persons authorized to hold keys which provide access to a building may enter the building, or remain in the building, to carry out University business after the building has been secured. Any authorized person who enters or remains in the building after it has been secured has the responsibility to make sure that the door is secured after entering or leaving. Unauthorized persons will be required to leave the building at closing time.

Academic and administrative units of the University, which are housed in a particular facility, may request that the time of closing of that building be extended for the benefit of programs and other responsibilities of the occupying departments. Such requests for extension of the closing time should include a statement of rationale and need for extension of the closing time. The request should be made through the College Dean or other appropriate administrative channels to the University Provost. Extension of the closing time beyond midnight ordinarily will not be permitted.

Initiating body: Facilities Management

Contact: Facilities Management (309-438-5611)

Revised on: 12/09

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