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3.2.19 Shared Governance Policy

Illinois State University recognizes the freedom to participate in shared governance and to speak on matters of university policy for all employees. The University Constitution states: "The primary governing body at Illinois State University shall be the Academic Senate, which shall provide for faculty and student participation in academic governance" (article V, sect. 1). In its governing documents, the Board of Trustees "encourages significant student and staff participation in decision-making processes which affect these groups when such participation can be effective."

Participation in the shared governance shall encompass not only those serving as elected representatives of a campus constituency but also those performing research for or reporting to these shared governance bodies. When performing these duties, they must act ethically.

Students also enjoy the freedom to participate freely in shared governance; and they are under an obligation to observe responsibilities related to their role as students.


Initiating Body:  Academic Senate

Contact:  Academic Senate, 438-8735

Created:  4/2013

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