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3.6.9 Civil Service Hiring Procedure


Civil Service employment at Illinois State University is governed by the Statute and Rules of the State Universities Civil Service System. Human Resources (HR) recruits, interviews, screens, tests, and places candidates in Civil Service positions.  All position postings and classified advertisements for newspapers and professional journals are approved and/or developed by HR Employement Services.  Human Resources staff review the applicants' credentials, then schedule and administer the appropriate Civil Service examinations. Registers of examination scores are maintained to provide a pool of eligible candidates for each vacancy.  Human Resource staff will refer candidates with the three highest scores at the time of the vacancy for an interview.

Paperwork required for Civil Service hiring can be found on the HR Web site and questions concerning Civil Service hiring may be directed to Human Resources, 438-8311.

Initiating body: Human Resources

Contact: Director, Labor/Employee Relations (309-438-8846)

Revised on: 05/2011

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