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3.6.5 Civil Service Layoff


There are three reasons for Civil Service layoff:

  • Permanent layoffs occur when a position or functional service is permanently abolished due to lack of available work, lack of available funding, reorganization, or other reasons requiring a permanent reduction in force.
  • Academic Break layoffs are temporary and are occasioned by a break in the academic calendar.
  • Seasonal layoffs are temporary, occur due to seasonal needs, and may occur at a time other than a break in the academic calendar.

Employee notice of layoff is provided per University Civil Service System, Statute and Rules. Vacation may be taken beginning on the first day of any type of layoff and for consecutive days thereafter provided the employee has vacation benefits available.

Employees on layoff may not qualify for unemployment compensation for layoffs that occur regularly each year due to academic breaks or holiday shutdown if it is understood the employee will be called back to work on a specific date.

Initiating body: Human Resources

Contact: Director, Labor/Employee Relations, (309-438-8846)

Revised on: 05/2011

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