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3.6.4 Civil Service Staff Performance Appraisal


Performance appraisals for Civil Service employees are essential. Appraisals should be completed every three months during the employee's probationary period and then annually on the employee's anniversary date in his or her classification. The purpose of the performance appraisal is to provide a formal opportunity for communication and feedback between the supervisor and the employee. Performance appraisals also provide a documented, supportable basis for making personnel decisions such as merit allocations, promotional decisions, and to identify employees who would benefit from additional development and training.

The appraisal instrument and a letter of instruction are distributed one month prior to the employee's anniversary date in his or her current classification. The completed instrument should be discussed in detail with the employee and then it should be returned with appropriate signatures and employee comments to the Human Resources Office.

If the supervisor is unable to complete the performance appraisal in the specified time period, he/she should contact Human Resources to request an extension or alternate time table for completion of the evaluation.

Communication and feedback are essential and therefore if a supervisor feels as though another appraisal/feedback instrument will accomplish these purposes better, Human Resources may authorize use of an alternate communication device. Departments wishing to use a different appraisal instrument should provide a copy to Human Resources prior to use of the instrument.

Supervisors who have performance appraisals past due will receive reminders on a monthly basis.

The performance appraisal documents past performance, but of equal or greater importance is its ability to establish standards and expectations for future performance. As a result, supervisors should provide substantive and clear guidance as to the expectations of the employee in the upcoming year on the appraisal form.

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