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3.6.26 Hourly Timesheet Procedure


In order for hourly employees to be paid, work time and all other applicable payable time including vacation, sick, compensatory, release time etc., must be electronically reported twice a month (typically the 15th or the last standard work day prior to the 15th and the last standard work day of the month).

Human Resources and the Payroll office will publish time submission/approval dates and deadlines annually (http://hr.illinoisstate.edu/and http://payroll.illinoisstate.edu/calendar/) and will notify departments of any schedule changes due to administrative closures, holidays, etc.

Questions regarding timesheet procedures should be directed to Human Resources (http://hr.illinoisstate.edu/current/ipeople/).

Hourly Timesheet Procedure

Hourly timesheets are available in iPeople after a new employee's paperwork has been processed by Human Resources.

Guidelines for Hourly Time Reporting

1.  The departmental supervisor is responsible for the timely and accurate submission and approval of employees' timesheets under her/his direction.

     See the Instructions for Completing Hourly Timesheets on the Human Resources web site at https://hr.illinoisstate.edu/current/ipeople/

2.  Timesheets must be submitted and approved by deadlines in order to ensure timely and appropriate payment.

3.  Submission of timesheets from employees is generally due at the end of each time period. Approval from supervisors is generally due within two business days of the end of the pay period. A full calendar of submission and approval dates can be found at hr.illinoisstate.edu

4.  The following errors could cause a delay of payment:

  • Timesheets not submitted by employee.
  • Timesheets not approved by supervisor within 2 business days of end of period.
  • Inaccurately reported Time Reporting Codes (TRC).
  • Reporting time in the wrong employee record (multiple job employees).


Policy Owner: Human Resources

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Revised: 4/2015

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