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3.6.23 Civil Service Job Description and Cyclic Review


The following guidelines for the preparation and maintenance of job descriptions are the standard against which job description audits shall be conducted by the Field Services Division of the State Universities Civil Service System:

  1. For encumbered positions, job descriptions shall be prepared, signed and dated by the position’s incumbent.  The incumbent’s supervisor should subsequently review, sign, and date the document indicating his/her concurrence as to the assigned duties.
  2. Job descriptions for newly established or vacant positions, must, by necessity, be prepared by the supervisor.  Once filled, the incumbent, shall, by the completion of the probationary period, review the job description, and acknowledge concurrence of the accuracy of the document by signature and date.
  3. Standard, or generic job descriptions may be prepared by supervisory personnel in the case of positions in which the work of the class is sufficiently prescribed so as to preclude an incumbent from performing duties outside of the class (e.g., craft and trade classes, building service classes, and many food service classes).  Such descriptions must be signed and dated by both the incumbent and supervisor.
In all of the above examples, all employees shall be provided with a copy of the current, approved job description of their position.  All job descriptions shall be reviewed and updated at least every three year, including the signatures of the incumbent and supervisor.

Initiating body: Human Resources

Contact: Director of Human Resources (309-438-8332)

Revised on: 06/2001

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