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3.5.2 Laboratory School Continued Service - Faculty Associate


Any teacher who is employed with the Laboratory School shall be considered to be in a probationary period for four (4) consecutive school terms before the teacher is eligible to enter Laboratory School Continued Service. For the purpose of determining Laboratory School Continued Service, the first probationary year shall be any full-time employment from a date before November 1 through the end of the school year.

Any full-time teacher who has not completed the last year of the probationary period before the end of the school year, or any teacher employed on a full-time basis not later than January 1, of the school term, shall receive written notice from the employer at least 45 days before the end of any school term whether or not he/she will be re-employed for the following school term. If the employer fails to give such notice, the employee shall be deemed re-employed, and not later than the close of the then current school term the employer shall issue a regular contract to the employee as though the employer had re-employed her/him in the usual manner.

Initiating body:

Contact: Director of the Lab Schools (309-438-8542)

Revised on: 7/2016

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