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3.4.9 Administrative/Professional Staff Performace Appraisal


The University has an obligation to assist the Administrative/Professional staff in professional growth and development.

This obligation can in part be discharged through the use of an annual performance appraisal of Administrative/Professional staff. This performance appraisal aids supervisors in the proper and fair evaluation of employees for promotions and/or merit adjustments, or focus attention on performance deficiencies. It is appropriate that supervisors of individual units also be systematically evaluated by the staff in their units.

Supervisors are encouraged to at least once a year complete a written performance appraisal of each incumbent Administrative/Professional employee. To initiate properly a performance appraisal, the supervisor should first clearly identify the function of the job and enumerate the primary responsibilities which are expected to be fulfilled by the incumbent. It must be kept in mind that each position has an integral role in the accomplishment of the mission of the unit, and the effectiveness of the incumbent in performing the responsibilities of the position in achieving that mission must be considered.

When the appraisal is completed by his/her supervisor the employee must receive a copy of the appraisal and have the opportunity to discuss the appraisal with the supervisor. In considering the employee's and the supervisor's perceptions, should substantial differences exist, the supervisor should spend time in clarifying the difference, therefore enabling the employee more effectively to perform the requirements of the position. Employee performance evaluations can be appealed with the person to whom the employee's supervisor reports.  One copy of this appraisal shall become a part of the permanent record on file with Human Resources, Campus Box 1300.

Supervisors are encouraged to develop a form that accommodates the needs of the department or unit and effectively fulfill the appraisal function. With any form used, the supervisor should provide relative comments in respect to each appraisal factor before identifying the overall performance appraisal level.

Consideration should also be given to establishing performance objectives for future evaluations.

Initiating body: Human Resources

Contact: Asst. Vice President (309-438-3200)

Revised on: 11/2011

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