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3.4.4 Reconsideration of Administrative/Professional (Nondiscipline Driven) Position Grade Level


To emphasize Illinois State University’s commitment to the integrity of the Salary Administration Program and to underscore the importance of open communication between employee, immediate supervisor and other supervisory levels, Illinois State University has adopted the procedures outlined below for reconsideration of an assigned Administrative/Professional (A/P) position grade level.


  1. Facilitate timely and orderly discussions between employees and managers regarding this key area of salary administration; and
  2. Provide employees with an established procedure to express differences of interpretation concerning this component of salary administration.


The supervisor and employee must review the most current Position Description Form.  Together, they must determine whether the description is thorough and accurate.  In a case where the immediate supervisor does not agree with an employee's request for reconsideration, the employee may pursue the process with a higher level of supervision.

  1. The Supervisor must document any discrepancies or concerns regarding any of the following:
    1. the Position Description on file,
    2. the relative assignment of a grade level.
  2. If the most current position description does not accurately portray the position responsibilities, a new position description must be completed.  The new description should specifically note those areas that differ from the most current position description on file.
  3. Prior to being submitted to the Human Resources Office, all such requests must be reviewed by and include the approval signature of all levels of supervisors up to and including the major administrator.
  4. Once approved by all appropriate levels, the request for reconsideration and all associated paperwork should be submitted to the Human Resources Office at mail code 1300.
  5. If necessary, appropriate Human Resources staff may meet with the employee, the immediate supervisor or other levels of supervisors in order to fully understand the employee's concern and situation.  Others may be contacted if appropriate.
  6. The Human Resources office staff will advise the individual employee, immediate supervisor and the major administrator of the decision.  Written responses should be issued within four (4) weeks of Human Resources receiving the request.
  7. If the decision of the Human Resources staff does not result in a satisfactory resolution, the employee may contact the Associate Vice President for Human Resources.
  8. The Associate Vice President for Human Resources will review the circumstances for reconsideration and make a final decision regarding the request.
  9. This final decision will be communicated to the employee in writing, with copies to the immediate supervisor, major administrator and other appropraite individuals.

Timing Requests for Reconsideration

The supervisor will inform the individual employee of the assigned grade level within one (1) week. All Requests for Reconsideration should be made within four (4) weeks of the time that an employee is notified of the assigned position grade level. Consequently, requests for reconsideration will be considered within five (5) weeks following determination of the grade level.

Initiating body:

Contact: Human Resources (309-438-8311)

Revised on: 02/2007

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