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3.4.3 Administrative/Professional Hiring Procedure


Administrative/Professional refers to any academic appointment for the purpose of support for the area of Instruction, Organized Research and Public Service. Specific support areas are Instructional Support, Academic Support, Institutional Support and Student Services Activities.

These appointments are primarily, but not necessarily, in nonacademic departments. The Administrative/Professional appointment is not for the purpose of teaching. However, periodically, individuals so appointed do teach a class.

Administrative/Professional appointments are considered to be one of three Appointment Types: (1) RAMP Administrator (those positions designated by RAMP definitions to be Principal Administrative Appointments, (2) Administrative and (3) Professional.

Paperwork required for Administrative/Professional hiring can be found on the Human Resources website or questions concerning Administrative/Professional hiring may be directed to Human Resources at 438-8311.

Initiating body:

Contact: Human Resources (309-438-8311)

Revised on: 04/2007

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