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3.3.14 University Professor


The designation of University Professor exists to enable Illinois State to honor individual faculty members or administrators with appropriate faculty designation to demonstrate to the University and broader community that excellence is the foundation of Illinois State University and to assist in the recruitment and retention of outstanding faculty members.


To be eligible for an appointment to University Professorship, a person must already hold the rank of Professor at Illinois State University or another institution and must have achieved distinction in one of the following areas.

  1. The individual must have achieved national recognition for scholarly research, creative production, or leadership in creative or scholarly activities.
  2. The individual must have been clearly identified by students, colleagues, or external agencies as an outstanding teacher.

Responsibilities and Rights of a University Professor

  1. A University Professor shall continue to hold rank in an academic department and/or administrative title.
  2. A University Professor shall receive $2500 added to base salary, plus a one-time monetary award of $1000, to be used to enhance the future activities of the recipient.
  3. University Professors will hold their title throughout their years of service to Illinois State University unless awarded the title of Distinguished Professor.  If a University Professor is awarded the title of Distinguished Professor, the title of University Professor is relinquished.
  4. Distinguished Professors are not eligible for title of University Professor.


  1. Any member of the University community may nominate an individual who meets the qualifications for a University Professorship.
  2. Nominations will be sent to the Dean of the associated College.
  3. Deans will forward no more than two nominations per year to the Review Committee by April 1.
  4. A Review Committee (members appointed by the Provost but with appropriate faculty representation across Colleges) will send to prospective candidates a Letter of Invitation to apply for the designation of University professor, along with portfolio guidelines.
  5. Portfolios are due to the Review Committee on October 15.
  6. The Review Committee will review portfolios and forward recommendations to the Provost.
  7. The Provost will evaluate the recommendations and make recommendations to the President.
  8. The President will make the final determination.
  9. Up to two University Professors can be appointed each year from within the Illinois State University community.  Appointments will be recognized during the Founder’s Day Convocation.
  10. Appointments to University Professor may be made directly through the Provost’s office to  recruit individuals with outstanding credentials from outside the Illinois State University. The Provost shall share the candidate’s credentials with the Review Committee for comment prior to the appointment. Such appointments will not count toward the two appointments made from within the Illinois State University community. 
  11. The nomination and review process shall be waived for those who already hold the rank of Distinguished Professors at another institution and are seeking a position at Illinois State University.  The President shall grant approval in such case.

Once a Review Committee has been formed, the Committee in conjunction with the Provost will determine specific guidelines for candidate application portfolio.

Initiating body: Academic Senate

Contact: Academic Senate (309-438-8735)

Created on: 11/2009

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