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3.3.7 Secondary/Outside Employment

Secondary/Outside Employment requires prior approval of Department/Unit Head(s) and Deans(s)/Vice President(s).


Illinois State University encourages the dissemination of the expertise and creativity of its employees.   However, it is the statutory responsibility of the University to establish policies that balance this dissemination with the other important roles of the University and to prevent abuses of the University’s resources. 

Because the faculty and staff of Illinois State University are productive, varied and talented, the establishment of a policy regarding secondary or outside employment is complicated and requires sufficient flexibility to cover a wide range of activities.  Secondary employment adds to the professional stature of both the academic employee and Illinois State University and is consistent with the University's goals.


Secondary or outside employment is additional employment for which compensation is paid by an external source while the employee is also under the full-time contract with the University.  This employment includes teaching, consulting and advisory services, and includes all external employment of any sort.  Employees on nine month contracts and paid over twelve months may accept outside or secondary employment during the summer months without approval, providing they do not have full time employment with the University for any part of the summer months. 

The term "under contract" also includes time on sabbatical or paid leave.  Honoraria for lectures, artistic performances or literary articles, private income from investments and royalties from books or patents are not considered compensation for secondary employment for purposes of this policy.


In all cases, secondary employment must not interfere with a faculty member’s full university duties, including teaching, service work and research. Full time tenured/ probationary tenure track faculty must receive prior written approval from the chairperson, dean and provost before accepting outside employment.  Outside employment should not exceed one day per week during a contract period. 

Chairperson Administrative Professional

In all cases, secondary employment must not interfere with chairperson/administrative/professional employees’ full university duties.  Chairperson and Administrative/ Professional staff must receive prior supervisory approval before they engage in secondary employment activities that are related to their university assignments.  If, in the unusual circumstance, the work is during the normal business day, the employee must use vacation with the approval of the department/unit head.  

Special Conditions

Individuals may not use scientific and office equipment, supplies or space of the University for paid external activities, unless prior written agreement has been obtained from the department/unit head, as appropriate. In all instances of outside employment, the outside employers must be informed in writing that the University employee is acting in a private capacity and that the institution, agency, school, department or office is not liable or responsible for the employee’s conduct or performance.  This notification to outside employers is the responsibility of the employee seeking outside employment.

Approval Process

See Office of Human Resources web site for forms and procedures for processing. 

Application for secondary/outside employment (See PERS 927 on the Office of the Provost website) must be resubmitted by the employee at the beginning of each fiscal year or throughout the fiscal year, whenever a secondary employment opportunity arises.

Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action, which may include termination of employment.   A final report is also required at the end of the fiscal year.  (See PERS928 on the Office of the Provost website.)

Refer to Illinois State Public Act 76-1343-110ILCS 100/0.01-100/3.

Policy Owner: Office of the Provost

Contact: Office of the Provost (309-438-7018)

Revised on: 12/2005

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