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3.3.5 Distinguished Professors


The designation of Distinguished Professor exists to enable the University to honor individual faculty members of distinction and to demonstrate to the broader community that excellence is the foundation of the University.

To be eligible for an appointment to Distinguished Professorship, a person must already hold the rank of Professor at this University or another institution and must have achieved distinction in #1 below and one of the other two:

  1. The individual must have achieved national recognition for scholarly research, creative production, or leadership in creative or scholarly activities.
  2. The individual must have been clearly identified by students, colleagues, or external agencies as an outstanding teacher.
  3. The individual must have contributed significant public service in accord with his/her academic discipline.
  4. There can be two Distinguished Professors appointed each year.

Responsibilities and Rights of a Distinguished Professor

  1. A Distinguished Professor shall continue to hold rank in an academic department.
  2. Each Distinguished Professor will be invited to deliver one public lecture or presentation on a topic of his/her choosing. The lecture or presentation shall be widely advertised within and outside the University community.
  3. Persons holding an administrative position, including department chairperson, may not be awarded the Distinguished Professorship. A Distinguished Professor who accepts an administrative position, including department chairperson, may keep the title of Distinguished Professor.
  4. It is assumed that the assignment of a Distinguished Professor will include teaching, research and other activities of a professional nature, with specific assignments to be made with the mutual agreement of the professor and the department chairperson. Should the Distinguished Professor and the department chairperson be unable to agree as to the specifics, the matter will be settled by the Dean of the College.
  5. For two years, a Distinguished Professor shall receive a $1,000 budget per annum in support of activities as a Distinguished Professor.
  6. Distinguished Professors will hold 10 month appointments for two years.
  7. Distinguished Professors may hold the title throughout their years of service to Illinois State University.


  1. Any Department or member of the University community may nominate an individual who meets the foregoing qualifications for a Distinguished Professorship. The Provost shall develop a uniform policy for nomination and documentation. Nominations shall be addressed to the Dean of the College and shall include as much supporting documentation as possible. The Dean shall forward all nominations, with recommendations, to the Provost.
  2. The Provost shall, after seeking the advice of the nominee's department and the Dean of the College, evaluate all nominations and make recommendations to the President, submitting also the results of all advice that has been sought.
  3. The President shall make recommendations to the Academic Senate. These recommendations shall be accompanied by materials submitted by the Provost. Following discussion in executive session, the Academic Senate will vote, by secret ballot, upon each of the President's recommendations.

Initiating body: Academic Senate / Provost

Contact: Vice President and Provost (309-438-7018)

Revised on: 11/23/1981

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