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3.3.2 Faculty Hiring Procedure


The term 'Faculty' refers to any ranked or unranked appointment for the purpose of Instruction, Organized Research or Public Service in one of the academic (credit hour producing) departments and related areas.  There are three types of Faculty appointment:

  1. Tenured/Tenure-Track
  2. Non-Tenure Track
  3. Terminal

Appointment to either of the first two types depends on the allocation of the position.  The third appointment type, Terminal, is reserved for faculty previously tenure-track who have been advised that they are in their last year of University employment.  Faculty on a terminal appointment are no longer entitled to the privileges of probationary-tenure appointments and are no longer considered in the ASPT process.

Included in Faculty are tenured/tenure-track and non-tenure-track faculty in Milner Library, University College non-tenure-track faculty, and individuals teaching for academic credit overseas.

A Faculty appointment may carry an administrative title, reflective of the position, in addition to the academic rank.

Sample faculty appointment letters for tenure-track and non-tenure track positions are found at the Provost's Office website.  Paperwork required for Faculty hiring or administrative titles can be found on the Office of Human Resources website.  Questions concerning Faculty hiring may be directed to the Office of Human Resources at 438-8311.

Initiating body: Vice President and Provost, Office of Human Resources

Contact: Assistant Vice President for Human Resources (309-438-8311)

Revised on: 01/2018

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