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3.3.12 C. Involvement in Political Activities

A. Outside the classroom the faculty member has the same right as any other citizen to participate in political activities. Partisan political  activity is defined as running for political office with a party label; service on a party committee; or actively supporting a partisan candidate  for public office through public speaking, serving on a committee,  circulating nominating petitions, canvassing, and other similar activities. Faculty members have a special obligation to refrain from political partisanship in their instructional duties.

B. A faculty member who becomes a candidate for a political office should notify the President in writing of this decision. If the office sought is local, no other action is necessary except assurance to the President that the contemplated activity will not interfere with the faculty member’s academic responsibilities. When the office sought is state or national, then the President may request the faculty member to apply for a leave of absence without pay during the period of the campaign or later, when such activity would be expected to take a substantial amount of the faculty member’s time.

Initiating body: Academic Senate

Contact: Academic Senate (309-438-8735)

Revised on: 03/2006

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