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3.3.11 Endowed Chairs and Professorships

Nature of Endowed Chairs and Professorships

Named appointments, including Endowed Chairs and Professorships, exist to foster the mission of Illinois State University through excellence in teaching, research and creative productivity, and public service. The purpose of such appointments is to attract and retain teachers and scholars of the highest renown and reputation to Illinois State University.

Endowed Chairs and Professorships exist through the generosity of donors who support the work of the named chair or professorship through these policies. Normally a specific gift agreement sets the specific purposes and terms of appointment of the chair or professorship. Gift agreements are subject to review by the Provost and approval by the President in all cases, including renewals.

Endowed Chair

An "endowed chair" is a named position founded upon a gift agreement that will fund a significant portion of the nine-month salary of the occupant in perpetuity, including salary increases at the level of other university faculty members. The university may provide additional funds to be used for summer stipends, research assistants, and other operating expenses. The gift agreement amount will vary depending on the discipline of the proposed chair but must be agreed to by the Provost. Normally an endowed chair will only be held by a full professor with tenure.

Endowed Professorship

An "endowed professorship" is a named position founded upon a gift agreement that will  ordinarily supplement the salary of the occupant for a set term. That amount will vary depending on the discipline of the proposed professor, the current salary level, the length of term, and the needs of the department/school. The amount must be agreed to by the Provost.

All named appointments are zero percent (0%) appointments that accompany an underlying faculty appointment; tenure resides in the base professorial appointment, never in the named appointment.

Additional process guidelines may be established by the Provost and Vice-President of Academic Affairs or the Vice-President of University Advancement.

Naming of Endowed Chairs and Professorships

Endowed Chairs and Professorships shall be named under the procedures outlined in Policy 6.1.37, University Naming Procedures. Ordinarily an endowed chair or professorship shall be named for the donor under the gift agreement. Exceptions shall be carefully considered by the University Naming Committee prior to recommendation to the President.

Appointment, Reporting and Reappointment Procedures

All endowed chair and endowed professorship appointments are for fixed terms set by the gift agreement, but normally not exceeding five years. Endowed Chair positions may include the expectation that successive renewals will be considered throughout the appointee’s remaining productive career before retirement or departure from campus. There should be no expectation or promise of renewal, however. In all cases, the University retains the right not to renew for any reason.

Appointments of individuals new to Illinois State University shall follow all procedures for the appointment of any new faculty member, together with procedures and criteria established by the gift agreement. Potential appointments of individuals with tenure and at ranks of professor or associate professor shall be reviewed and endorsed by the appropriate DFSC/SFSC, the Department/School Chairperson/Director, the Dean and the Provost prior to appointment. All appointments shall be made by the President.

All faculty holding endowed chair positions shall provide an annual report of their activities to the DFSC/SFSC and department chairperson/school director of the department/school of their locus of tenure, with copies to the Dean of that college and the Provost. Reports shall be made available to the donor if feasible.

Appointments of individuals already holding appointments at Illinois State University to named appointments shall follow procedures and criteria established by the gift agreement. Professorships may involve either an expectation of renewal or a single term.

Relationship to ASPT Processes and Reporting Procedures

Faculty holding named appointments shall normally report directly to their Department Chairperson or School Director and shall be subject to all Appointment, Salary, Promotion and Tenure Policies of the University, College and Department/School of their locus of tenure. DFSCs/SFSCs shall consider the nature of the appointment and any special conditions associated with the named appointment in all evaluations of the faculty member holding the appointment.

Salary incrementation recommendations shall be based upon departmental/school procedures, but funds for salary incrementation for endowed chairs shall be additional private funds in the endowment for the endowed chair position. Salary incrementation for endowed professorships shall be based on the university-paid base salary only.

Expiration of Term, Termination and Reappointment

Upon the expiration of term, termination, resignation/retirement, or non-reappointment of an endowed chair, the faculty member holding tenure will revert to a tenured position in the department/school of locus of tenure. The unit will be responsible for the faculty member’s salary from the date of termination, and the donated funds previously supporting the endowed chair will revert back to an endowment account until a new holder is appointed.

In the third semester prior to the expiration of the term of an endowed chair (or an endowed professorship which envisions reappointment), the unit may submit a plan for renewal review to the Provost. All such plans shall involve review and comment by the DFSC/SFSC of the unit. If the plan is approved, the unit review shall be submitted to the Dean and Provost, who shall make independent recommendations to the President for renewal or non-renewal. The President shall make the final reappointment decision.

Faculty holding a named appointment may be removed from the position at any time by the President.

Faculty who retire while holding an endowed chair may hold the title "(Name of Chair) Professor Emeritus."

Existing Endowed Chairs and Endowed Professorships

Endowed Chairs and Endowed Professorships which were created by gift agreements dated prior to the initial effective date of this policy shall be subject to this policy only insofar as this policy is consistent with the prior gift agreement. In all other respects, the applicable prior gift agreements shall govern those positions.

Initiating body: Vice President and Provost

Contact: Vice President and Provost (309-438-7018)

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