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3.2.4 Salary Adjustments


Annual salary adjustments for faculty and administrative/professional employees and adjustments based upon promotion in academic rank shall normally be made at the same time each year. Adjustments shall be approved by the President.

Persons on paid leave shall receive the same consideration as those actively in service. Salary adjustments other than the annual salary adjustment and adjustments based upon promotion in academic rank shall require approval of the President or his/her designee. Salary adjustments may be increases or decreases.

Recommendations for salary adjustments shall be based on determinations as to the meritorious performance of the individuals involved in fulfilling their duties and their various responsibilities. The University shall use employee salary review, promotion, and retention procedures and practices which provide equitable treatment.

Initiating body: Associate Vice President of Human Resources

Contact: 309-438-8311

Revised on: 01/2018

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