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3.2.3 Academic Notice of Appointments


Upon approval of appointments and salaries, employees shall be provided a Notice of Appointment, issued by authority of the Board of Trustees of Illinois State University, which specifies the effective dates of the appointment, the position to which appointed, compensation rate, and other conditions of employment as specified by the University. New or continuing staff members who are appointed on a contingency basis (salary and/or rank dependent upon completion of a degree, or other required graduate credits) shall, upon the University's receipt of evidence of the completion of the contingency, be promoted immediately, according to the terms of the official Notice of Appointment. If a change of salary is also specified as part of the contingency, it shall become effective the next month after the University receives verification of conferral of degree or course requirements.

Initiating body: Vice President and Provost (309)438-7018

Contact: Human Resources (309)438-8311

Revised on: 6/2014

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