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3.2.11 Employment in Excess of Full Time Appointment

Without prior approval, no full time tenured faculty, probationary tenure track faculty, or administrative professional employee should be assigned any additional work for which additional payment will be received from University funds.


Additional internal employment is assigned work for which payment will be received from University funds.  Funding from externally sponsored projects processed through the University as grants and contracts will be considered as University funds.


Faculty do not usually receive compensation for services with the University in excess of the normal workload.  The maximum faculty teaching assignment during the regular academic semester involves 12 credit hours.  Adjustments are made to accommodate research projects, advising, (e.g., theses or dissertations), administration, service or other responsibilities.  Such adjustments must be approved by department chairs/school directors. (University Library faculty assignments are defined by the Library administration and include librarianship, scholarship and service.)


A chairperson/school director's and an administrative professional employee’s workload during the fiscal year is the administratively assigned full time equivalent (FTE) of 100%. No chairperson/school director or administrative professional employee on a full time contract should be assigned additional internal employment for compensation without prior written approval from an immediate supervisor.

Special Conditions: Buyout/Overload/ Extra Pay/Grant Administrative Increment

Buyouts, overloads, extra pay assignments and grant administrative increments require prior approval by the necessary Department/Unit Heads and Deans/Vice Presidents.  Extra pay or overload assignments by faculty will count against the allowable days for secondary employment.  See definition in policy 3.3.7-Secondary/Outside Employment.


  • Buyout: If activities associated with externally sponsored projects limit the ability of the employee to perform all of her/his assigned university duties and responsibilities, the additional employment will be handled by a purchasing of that employee’s time, referred to as a buyout.
  • Extra Pay: Extra pay is provided for academic services rendered on an irregular or one-time basis; e.g., a special project, workshop, after school program, public service programs, or acting as a grant consultant, and applies to all tenured faculty, probationary tenure track faculty, and administrative professional employees.
  • Grant Administrative Increment: With external funding, tenured faculty, probationary tenure track faculty, and administrative professional employees may receive up to 40-percent of their annual salary with approval of the Department/Unit Head and the Deans/Vice Presidents.  This increment must be listed in the grant budget as such and approved by the agency.
  • Overload: Overload is defined as an extension of a tenured faculty, probationary tenure track faculty, and administrative professional employee’s primary responsibility with the assignment causing a workload that is in excess of the usual and customary duties.  In the case of faculty, overload includes teaching of credit-generating courses above and beyond their regular assignment for emergency or unusual circumstances.

Approval Process

See Office of Human Resources web site for forms and procedures for processing.

Completed forms must be received by the 10th of the month in which the first payment is to be made. The Office of Human Resources will complete the necessary paperwork to initiate the payment. Sufficient funds must be allocated to the position and the account established by the Budget Office before the payment will be processed. 

Initiating body: Vice President and Provost

Contact: Assistant Provost (309-438-2158)

Revised on: 12/2005

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