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3.1.6 Administrative Closings


Due to natural emergencies, State or Federal emergencies or reasons of health and safety, the University may be subject to administrative closure. Emergency closings shall extend until such time as the emergency giving rise to the closing has been resolved so as to permit resumption of normal operations.

Administrative operations of the University may be closed for up to two days during the period December 26 through December 31 when such closure will provide significant operational cost savings.

Administrative closure shall be declared by the President. Employees are considered to be on paid leave for the duration of an administrative closing.

Hourly employees (Civil Service and Administrative Professional) who are required or authorized to work on an Administrative Closure day will earn regular pay (straight time) for hours worked, with equal time off in the future up to 7.5 Hours (8.0 hours for employees working a 40 hour work week), normally to be taken within two weeks.

Initiating body: Human Resources

Contact: Assistant Vice President, Human Resources (309-438-8846)

Revised on: 9/2014

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