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3.1.46 Customer Service & Professional Conduct Expectations for Civil Service Employees


All employees of Illinois State University are charged with the responsibility of providing good customer service and maintaining appropriate and professional conduct at all times. Customers include all individuals that employees come in contact with (i.e., the public, students, suppliers, other employees, etc.).

Employees are expected to maintain a professional attitude and congenial manner and to always treat individuals with courtesy, dignity and respect. Additionally, the University expects employees to demonstrate diligence and effort in work performance, observance of appropriate standards of conduct and dress, and compliance with all established rules and policies.

Some actions, such as failure to cooperate with other employees and harassing or intimidating others, are disruptive and unacceptable. Supervisors are expected to monitor conduct and take appropriate steps (i.e., discipline, discharge, criminal prosecution) when conduct is not acceptable for the work place or when it violates University policy.

Initiating body: Human Resources

Contact: Director, Labor/Employee Relations (309-438-8846)

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