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3.1.42 Exempt Employees Benefit Reporting


Benefit reporting must be completed by all exempt employees who accrue benefits.  Reporting is completed electronically through the University Human Resources Information System (iPeople).


The purpose of benefit reporting electronically on an employee timesheet is to provide the employee, department, Human Resources and the Payroll Office with an updated balance of sick and/or vacation benefits.  Benefits reported and approved by the published deadline, will be included in the processing of accruals and the updating of benefit balances.  Benefits not reported or approved on time, may not be included in the processing of benefits, which may cause balances available to the employee to be overstated or understated.  Benefits balances may be viewed by the employee and the supervisor via the HR electronic timesheets.

Deadlines for reporting Benefits are available on the Human Resources website, but generally require time and benefits to be reported and approved by the second business day following the end of the employee's pay period.

Most employees in a faculty role follow the academic calendar while Civil Service and most Administrative/Professionals follow the administrative calendar.  An employee is not required to record usage of vacation and sick time when it is not on a scheduled work day.  For example, faculty members work in accordance with the academic calendar and are not expected to record any benefit time during spring break because it is not a scheduled work week.  However, exempt Civil Service employees and exempt Administrative/Professional employees who follow the administrative calendar are required to record days away from work during that time, including sick, vacation, bereavement, and other time.

For a list of Time Reporting Codes, Types of Leave (per University Policy 3.1.11), and demonstrations on time reporting please visit http://hr.illinoisstate.edu/ipeople

Failure to Report by Deadline

When benefit reporting or approval is late, Human Resources will send notification about the overdue report in two ways:

  • 1.  Electronic notification that time has not been approved is sent to the employee
  • 2.  Electronic notification that time has not been reported/approved is sent to the Supervisor or department/unit designee

For further clarification and instructions on processes for completing electronic timesheets for benefits reporting visit http://hr.illinoisstate.edu/ipeople/

Initiating body: Human Resources

Contact: Assistant Vice President, Human Resources (309-438-8846)

Revised on: 9/2014

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