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3.1.34 Removal of Goods from University Property


University employees may not remove University property, or convert for their personal use or consumption any item belonging to the University, a student, or a fellow employee. This prohibition includes materials discarded by students through the residence hall refuse system, i.e., bottles, aluminum cans, magazines, materials placed in dumpsters; and material discarded at the site of new construction or at the site of remodeling projects.

When students leave campus they often discard items such as wood, concrete blocks and bricks. Employees are not authorized to remove these items for personal gain. It should be noted, however, that the University reserves the right to collect some of this material on occasion to use on University projects or to collect for a University sponsored program. Employees under the supervision of a member of the management team may be asked to pick up these materials for use on University projects.

It is understood that students on occasion will give employees gifts or previously owned material as an expression of appreciation for services provided in the course of the employee's work. Employees may accept such items if the student provides a written statement describing the gift. The employee is not authorized to remove the item from University property unless he or she has shown the item and note to his or her supervisor. If the supervisor signs off on the note, the employee may remove the item.

In similar manner, the responsible administrator may authorize employees to take home items such as shipping pallets, scrap lumber, cardboard boxes, and empty plastic containers. Prior to the time any material is removed from campus, the employee must have a letter of authorization from the supervisor who approved the action.

Initiating body: Office of Human Resources

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Revised on: 01/2002

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