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3.1.31 Work-At-Home Guidelines for Administrative Professional and Civil Service Appointments


Work-at-home is defined as a situation where circumstances are deemed appropriate for an employee of the University to be compensated for performing assigned responsibilities in a non-campus, non-University affiliated environment, typically their place of residence.

Conditions Necessary to Establish a Work-At-Home Situation

All of the following must be met:

  • There is mutual agreement between supervisor, area vice president and employee,
  • Documentation defined below is developed with the involvement of Human Resources.
  • All or significant components of the work can be done at home,
  • Operational needs of the department are met, and
  • The work is considered official University business.

Initiating a Work-At-Home Situation

Either the supervisor or the employee can initiate a request to establish a work-at-home situation. Both must then agree on the establishment of the work-at-home situation, before it can proceed. Unless a position has been established specifically as work at home, neither party is compelled or required to accept a work-at-home situation, nor will there be any repercussions if either party decides not to participate.

Appropriateness of a Work-At-Home Situation

Work-at-home can be used to cover an extended period of time when:

  • The employee is recovering from some medical condition but sufficiently recovered to perform the assignments in a work-at-home situation.
  • The employee is caring for a family member (child, spouse, domestic partner, or parent only).
  • The employee and supervisor mutually agree to situations where productivity would be enhanced.
  • In some limited/special circumstances, work at home may be established for a position on a permanent/regular basis. Supervisors should contact Human Resources for assistance prior to developing these situations.

Documentation Required

  • An explanation of how the supervisor will monitor for reasonable productivity should be prepared and attached to this document.
  • A brief description of the work to be accomplished at home must be prepared and attached to this document.
  • The dates for working at home and the daily work hours must be attached to this document.
  • A telephone number where the employee can be reached during the work schedule.
  • If University equipment is used at home, a record of such equipment must be retained by the supervisor, and appropriate record held for the Property Control Office.
  • A copy of documentation should be sent to Human Resources.

Evaluation of Work-At-Home Assignments

The supervisor’s general expectations regarding productivity/volume of work, quality of work, and timelines should be clearly communicated to the employee in writing. Both the supervisor and employee must sign the document outlining the employee’s job assignments and expectations.

The supervisor is responsible for evaluating the work completed at home and reviewing progress with the employee.

The employee must complete assigned work according to established procedures and within reasonable and/or determined timeframes.

Regular feedback and communication should occur with the employee during the work-at-home arrangement.

The employee will provide progress reports on a regular basis outlining work completed and work in progress.

At the conclusion of the work-at-home situation, an evaluation of the employee’s performance and the overall effectiveness of the work-at-home situation will be conducted and documented in the department file. Performance during the work-at-home situation should be reflected in the employee’s annual performance appraisal.

For those work-at-home situations established on a permanent/regular basis, the employee’s performance is evaluated in the same manner as for the non-work-at-home employee. However, it may be advisable to conduct appraisals more often than annually for these work-at-home arrangements.

Reporting of Hours Worked and Benefit Usage

Hours worked and/or benefit usage are reported and approved online in iPeople (the Human Resources Information System). 

If the employee does not complete assigned tasks within the reasonable and/or determined time frame, benefit time may be charged after conferring with the employee. Performance evaluations may reflect this concern about uncompleted tasks and future work-at-home arrangements may be jeopardized.

Overtime work is allowed only when it is pre-approved by the supervisor in writing.

Procedures For Time Off From The Predetermined Work Schedule

The predetermined schedule is the expectation. If the employee needs a modification to the established schedule, including time off, normal procedures are followed to make the request. Vacation or sick leave is appropriately charged and any other modification would be administered in a similar manner to a non-work-at-home situation.

Using University Equipment, Supplies, or Records at Home

Equipment and supplies can be made available by the University on a case by case basis depending on the work to be done and the availability within the department, college, or division.

Copies of University records should be taken home with the official record remaining on campus.

A record of University equipment used by the employee at home is developed and retained by the supervisor for inventory and control purposes.

University supplies or copies of records taken home should also be recorded for control purposes.

Internal Auditing and others designated by the University administration may, upon reasonable notice, visit the home work site to examine University equipment, supplies, and records in the possession of the employee.

Costs associated with work-at-home situations (such as telephone installation, long distance tolls, wiring, etc.) will be considered on a situational basis. For additional guidelines or response to questions about costs and reimbursements, please contact the Office of the University Comptroller at 438-2143.

Employee Responsibilities for University Equipment, Supplies, or Records at Home

Care of the University owned equipment, supplies, and records is the responsibility of the employee.

Copies of all records, papers, and correspondence must be safeguarded by the employee to protect them from unauthorized disclosure, loss, or damage, and for their return to the appropriate University location.

Release or destruction of any records is only done at the University location according to statute and regulation.

The employee agrees to return such items to their appropriate campus location when no longer needed for the work-at-home assignment, or when otherwise requested by the appropriate official.

Equipment owned or provided by the employee is used at no cost or risk to the University and is maintained by the employee. Exceptions to this should be prearranged, documented, and approved by the supervisor and the appropriate vice president.

The employee is responsible for operating costs, home maintenance, or any other incidental cost (e.g. utilities) associated with the use of his/her residence.

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged University Equipment

If University equipment is lost, stolen, or damaged, the employee agrees to participate in any investigation and to include the University equipment in his/her home owner’s insurance claim.

Injury During Predetermined Work-At-Home Schedule

Workers’ Compensation laws may apply if the employee is injured in the course of performing official duties at the work location in the home. The University is not liable for other property damage or bodily injury that results from participation in a work-at-home arrangement.

Work at Home Agreement Form 



Initiating body: Office of Human Resources

Contact: Associate Vice President of Human Resources (309-438-8311)

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