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3.1.25 Transfer of Benefits

Internal Transfer

Employees of Illinois State University transferring without a break in service from Faculty and Administrative/Professional status to Civil Service status, or the reverse, shall become eligible for benefits of their new status in accord with their years of service at Illinois State University, and without loss of accumulated sick leave days and/or vacation days. An employee who transfers from a benefit-accruing position to a nonbenefit-accruing position may elect to receive payment for half of the Post-1983/Pre-1998 sick leave and/or vacation balance or may elect to defer payment until termination.

Transfer of Vacation

Illinois State will not accept vacation balances from new employees who have vacation balances at other State of Illinois agencies or state universities.

Transfer of Unused Sick Leave

Employees at any Illinois public university or State agency who enter employment with Illinois State University without a break in service of more than 120 calendar days shall be credited with that amount of accumulative leave accrued but not used as of the employee's last day of service with such university or State agency subject to the following:

  1. Nonaccumulative leave will not be transferred.
  2. Leave earned on a calendar day basis with another university or State agency will be converted to work days at the rate of two work days for each three calendar days accumulated.
  3. Leave transferred will not exceed the number of days that would have been available if such university or State agency's accumulation and use regulations were the same as those in effect at the time of employment with Illinois State University.
  4. Individuals employed with Illinois State University may receive credit for such leave upon certification by the previous employing university or State agency or, if such leave had been banked with the State Universities Retirement System, upon certification by that System and the removal of such leave from the Retirement System records.
  5. Payment has not been received by the employee for such accumulative sick leave.
  6. Accumulative sick leave cannot be restored for any employee who terminates service if compensation for such accumulative sick leave has been received and the employee is re-employed with Illinois State University at any time in the future.
  7. Individuals employed prior to the adoption of Regulations permitting the transfer of sick leave shall be eligible for such transfer as set forth above.

Sick leave transferred from any Illinois public university and/or State agency may be included in the amount that can be accumulated.

Pre-1984 and Post 1997 Nonpayable Accumulative Sick Leave

Illinois State will accept all pre-1984 and post-1997 nonpayable accumulative sick leave balances from other State of Illinois agencies or State universities if the break in service does not exceed 120 calendar days. The amount transferred will be posted to the employee's pre-1984 or post-1997 sick leave balance for future use.

Post-1984 and Pre 1998 Payable Accumulative Sick Leave

Unless alternate arrangements are made, the University will generally accept transfer of payable sick leave balances from other State of Illinois agencies or State universities. Illinois State University interprets the State statute to allow an employee to either cash out sick leave at 50% of value or transfer it to Illinois State University at full value.

If a transferring employee elects to receive payment equal to one-half of post-1984 and pre-1998 sick leave, the University will not accept any portion of the post-1984 pre-1998 sick leave balance. The unpaid portion may, however, be banked with the State Universities Retirement System for service credit.

If the transferring employee receives no payment for post-1984 and pre-1998 sick leave, the University will accept the full amount of the post-1984 and pre-1998 sick leave balance and post it to the employee's post-1984 and pre-1998 sick leave balance at Illinois State University.

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Revised on: 06/2002

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