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3.1.23 Stop Payment and Reissues of Payroll Checks


When the Payroll Office is notified that a check has been lost, stolen, destroyed, or not received, a stop payment may be placed on the check and the check may be reissued. A "Stop Payment" form is completed in the Payroll Office. The form contains appropriate information such as: check number, amount of check, issue date, payee, SSN, reason for the reissuing, and whether or not the check was endorsed. Once the check has been verified as being unpaid, a "Stop Payment" request is issued to the bank. Upon receipt of a stop payment confirmation, a new check is issued. The check is typed in the Payroll Office and then mailed to the employee, unless other arrangements have been made.

When bank records indicate that the check has been paid, the employee is notified. In this case it may be necessary to have copies of the check with the endorsement sent to the Payroll Office. If the employee disputes the endorsement, further action is taken to determine if forgery was involved.

Initiating body: Vice President for Finance and Planning

Contact: Payroll Office (309-438-7677)

Revised on: 05/2003

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