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3.1.10 Workers' Compensation


Employees who suffer disability arising out of and in the course of their employment will receive leave or compensation if applicable and in accordance with the provisions of the Illinois Workers' Compensation and Occupational Diseases Acts. Compensation includes payment of medical bills and semi-monthly "paychecks" to replace lost earnings.


An employee injured at work must notify the supervisor and call the State of Illinois Workers Compensation Administrator at 855-495-1554 to report the injury and initiate the claim. If the injury is of a serious nature, the employee should seek medical attention immediately before informing the supervisor or making a call. The Student Health Service may be used for minor injuries. If the attending physician determines the employee is unable to return to work that day, the employee will receive regular pay for the remainder of the day of injury.

It is extremely important that employees follow these procedures when suffering an on-the-job injury or identifying a job-related illness. An outside agency will determine eligibility for Workers’ Compensation benefits, based upon medical information provided by the physician and detailed Workers’ Compensation claim forms the employee and supervisor must complete and forward to the Office of Environmental Health and Safety as soon as possible after the accident. A delay in submitting these written claim forms will delay Workers’ Compensation benefits.

When an employee has a work-related accident or injury, he or she must notify his or her supervisor and complete reports within 24 hours of the accident. The following five reports must be completed:

  1. Worker's Compensation Employee's Notice of Injury
  2. Supervisor's Report of Accident
  3. Witness Report(s)
  4. Information Release Authorization
  5. Office of Environmental Health and Safety Accident Report

If the accident is deemed compensable, the employer (State of Illinois) will pay all necessary first aid and emergency services, treating physicians, surgeons, or hospitals of the employee's choice.

If an employee is unable to work due to a work-related injury, he or she must complete a Leave of Absence & Benefit Option form and provide the Worker's Compensation Coordinator (WCC) with a doctor's statement indicating inability to work. The employee must be off work for more than 3 days to qualify for income replacement benefits equal to two-thirds of his or her average earnings over the previous 52 weeks. The first three days of absence must be recorded on the employee's time card. Accrued sick or vacation time should be used. If the time lost eventually exceeds 15 days, the first three days will be compensated under Worker's Compensation. All accident-related medical expenses are the responsibility of the State, no matter how long the employee is off work.

If the employee is off payroll for an entire payroll period, he or she is responsible for any payroll deductions which would normally be taken (Credit Union, insurance, etc.). The employee will be billed directly for insurance deductions which are normally payroll deducted.

Before returning to work from a Worker's Compensation Leave of Absence, the employee must present to the Office of Environmental Health and Safety a physician's release to return to work signed by the physician with the date of return and restrictions, if any.

Initiating body: State of Illinois

Contact: OEHS Workers Compensation Coordinator (309-438-2007)

Revised on: 01/2002

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