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1.7 University Use of Electronic Equipment for Surveillance Purposes

State and federal government officials conduct ongoing undercover operations in the State of Illinois that involve the use of electronic equipment for surveillance.  These operations occasionally take place on campus grounds.  Although they are expected to follow all laws protecting individual rights and freedoms, officials are not required to notify any University authorities of the fact, nature, or location of their activities.  This policy therefore covers only uses of electronic equipment for surveillance over which the University exercises control and consent.

Although the use of electronic surveillance equipment may be justified for the protection of life and property, such equipment shall not be used in a manner which would potentially endanger the privacy or civil liberties of any individual.

There shall be no procurement or use of such equipment without the explicit approval of the President of the University. Before any such equipment is put into use, the President shall consult with the University General Counsel.  Advance notice of the purpose and location of such equipment will be given to the Chair of the Academic Senate.  Ordinarily, the procurement and use of such equipment shall be initiated by the Chief of Police for the University.  The use of electronic surveillance equipment shall comply with all local, state and national laws.

Annually, the President shall notify the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate of the use of such equipment on campus.

When the use of the surveillance equipment is no longer justified it must be removed.

In cases where there is an ongoing need for the use of electronic surveillance equipment, the University shall notify the campus community of its location and purpose through appropriate delivery systems determined by the President.

Initiating body: Academic Senate & Provost

Contact: Vice President and Provost (309-438-7018)

Revised on: 02/2019

Surveillance Equipment Approval Form

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