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1.11 Academic Calendar

Approval Process

The Provost’s staff should prepare in a timely manner a draft Academic Calendar based on the best available information.

This draft should be presented to and discussed with the Senate Administrative Affairs Committee during a regularly scheduled meeting with the Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management and Academic Services. After a draft calendar is approved by a majority vote of the Administrative Affairs Committee, the Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management and Academic Services should circulate the proposed calendar to the College Deans and other members of the Provost’s Advisory Council, Academic Chairpersons, Student Government Association, Civil Service Counsel, Administrative Professional Council, and all members of the President’s staff.  There should be no less than 30 days for review and comment.

The Administrative Affairs Committee should include the recommended calendar as a report to the Academic Senate.  This matter is not subject to a vote; it is a committee report, not an action agenda item.

The President makes known his/her approval of a calendar

Initiating body: Vice President and Provost

Contact: Provost Office (309-438-7018)

Revised on: 11/2003

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