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4.1.8 Institutional and Program Priorities


As articulated in the Illinois State University Constitution and the Bylaws of the Academic Senate, and as agreed to in the Memorandum of Understanding on Board of Trustees and Academic Senate Procedures on Academic Senate Actions, within the limits established by legislative statute and the authority delegated thereby to the Board of Higher Education and the Board of Trustees, the Academic Senate shall be the primary body to recommend educational policies of the University related to academic issues, faculty affairs issues, and educational issues related to student life and to advise administrators on their implementation.  As such, University administrators shall consult the Academic Senate when making significant institutional and program priority judgments and must be certain that all facts are considered, positions are objectively presented, and parties are consulted before recommending action.  Moreover, when facts at the disposal of administrators indicate specific priorities, these should be fully aired in the Senate. The Senate should give advice, assure support or opposition, and/or debate philosophical questions.

Initiating body: Academic Senate

Contact: Academic Senate (309-438-8735)

Revised on: 3/2020

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