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4.1.5 Final Examinations


Faculty members should clearly explain to their students methods of evaluation for the final grade. Since one of the purposes of the evaluation process is to enhance the student's intellectual development, grades and criticisms of papers, projects, and examinations should be returned to the student for inspection and discussion as soon as possible considering the faculty member's other professional obligations.

A final examination schedule for the University shall be disseminated as early as possible in the semester. It is the responsibility of the students to acquaint themselves with the schedule and to be present at the prescribed time and place unless other arrangements have been made with or by the instructor.

The last examination of a course shall not be given during the week prior to the final examination period without the approval of the department chair,school director or Dean of the College of Nursing.  Exceptions granted to this provision of the policy shall be publicly posted on a department/school website and/or in the department/school office.

Request for Alternate Arrangements for Exams

Students who are unable to take an examination due to emergencies such as illness or injury, or religious reasons should notify their instructor as soon as possible (in advance, in the case of religious reasons) and make acceptable alternative arrangements.  If an instructor does not consider an excuse for missing a scheduled examination as acceptable, the student may appeal the action to the department chair or school director or the Dean of the College of Nursing. 

Students who have two (2) final examinations on the same day will be expected to take both as scheduled. Students who find that they are scheduled for more than two final examinations in one day, may request that they be allowed to take all but two of the examinations another day during the final examination period. Procedures for the request are available on the Office of the University Registrar website.  Any such request shall be made at least five business days prior to the date of the exam.

Success Week

Success Week is designed to provide time for undergraduate students to prepare adequately for final examinations.  Success Week is designated as the week that precedes final examinations during both the Fall and Spring semester.

During Success Week:

  • Tests that amount to more than 10% of the course grade may not be given and due.
  • Assignments worth more than 10% of the course grade, including - but not limited to - course projects, papers, speeches, graded performances, graded performance and portfolio assessments, etc., may not be due unless they have been early specified on the class syllabus distributed within the first two weeks of the semester.

Exceptions to the rule include:

  • Summer classes
  • Make-up exams
  • One-credit courses
  • Labs
  • Graduate Courses

A make-up exam is defined as any exam that is not given to the entire class, but is used to give a student (or students) an opportunity to make up a missed exam when approved by the course instructor.

Instructors are reminded that most students are enrolled in several courses each semester, and widespread violation of these guidelines can cause student workloads to be excessive as students begin their preparation for final examinations.

Students are reminded that their academic curriculum is their principal reason for being in college and they have a responsibility to study in a timely fashion throughout the entire semester, and class attendance is still expected during Success Week.

Instructors may petition their Department Chair, School Director, or Dean of the College of Nursing if they believe the policy jeopardizes or interferes with their professional judgment regarding appropriate pedagogy.  Exceptions granted to this provision of the policy shall be publicly posted on a department/school website and/or in the department/school office.

Complaints about failure to follow the procedures outlined above should be made immediately to the appropriate department chair or to the SGA office.


Final exams should be returned to the student or retained for one term, permitting the opportunity for student review with the instructor if the student desires.  It is expected that faculty members will collect sufficient data on the performance of students to justify the final grade.  Evaluation of students and award of credit must be based on professionally judged academic performance and not on matters irrelevant to that performance such as personality, race, religion, sex, degree of political activism, or personal beliefs.

Policy Owner: University Registrar

Contact: University Registrar (309-438-8642)

Revised on: 02/2015

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