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4.1.17 Classroom Disruption

Faculty Rights

The primary responsibility for managing the classroom environment rests with the faculty. Students or others who engage in prohibited or unlawful acts that result in disruption of a class or an unsafe environment may be directed by the faculty member to leave the class for the remainder of the class period. In the event the student or other individual refuses to leave, he/she will be considered a trespasser and the assistance of the University Police may be requested.

Prohibited Acts

The term “prohibited acts” includes behavior prohibited by university policies or the instructor (e.g., smoking in the classroom, persistently speaking without being called upon, refusing to be seated, disrupting the class, etc.). Faculty should provide students with notice of other prohibited acts specific or unique to their classrooms, if possible.  The lawful expression of a disagreement with the instructor is not in itself “disruptive behavior.”

Emergency Suspension

The dean or his/her designee of the college in which the class is taught may, after notice and an opportunity for the student to be heard, suspend a student from the class for up to ten days, or until formal disciplinary proceedings may be held by the Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution.  In order to do so, the dean or designee must find reasonable grounds to believe that the student’s continued presence in the class will present a risk of further classroom disruption or of an unsafe environment, or adversely affecting the learning environment for other students.

Initiating body: Academic Senate

Contact: Vice President and Provost (309-438-7018)

Revised: 9/2015

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