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4.1.15 Sale / Solicitation of Academic Assignments


The sale or solicitation for the sale of term papers,research reports, or any other student academic assignments used for evaluation is prohibited, Pursuant to  Illinois Compiled Statutes, Chapter 110, Section 5/1, all  advertisement and other solicitation* for the direct or indirect sale  of research papers is banned from this campus:

  1. Staff (faculty, administrative/professional and civil service members) seeing such advertisements are authorized to remove them and report the removal of same to the Office of the Provost.
  2. Students posting such advertisements are liable to charges under the Code of Student Conduct.
  3. Faculty or staff members posting such are liable to charges under the Code of Ethics.

* Solicitation means advertisement on bulletin boards, in electronic format (Internet, e-mail) or other public facilities, or in University  publications.

Initiating body: Academic Senate

Contact: Vice President and Provost (309-438-7018)

Reviewed on: 3/2015

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