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2.1.27 Student Bereavement Policy

In keeping with the truest intentions of Educating Illinois' core value of individualized attention, it is Illinois State University's policy to recognize the effects that a death can have on a student's academic work.


In the event that a student experiences a death of an immediate family member or relative as defined below, the student will be excused from class for funeral leave, subsequent bereavement, and/or travel considerations.  The student will provide appropriate documentation and arrange to complete missed classroom work as soon as possible according to the process outlined below.

Upon notification of the absence and proper documentation, each faculty member shall excuse the student from class according to this policy and provide an opportunity to complete missed exams, quizzes, and other required work.  Ultimately, the student is responsible for all material covered in class and must work with each individual professor as soon as they return to complete any required work.

Excused Absences

Immediate Family and Relatives:

Students shall be eligible for up to five (5) consecutive days (not including weekends or holidays) of excused absence in the event of a  death of a spouse, domestic partner, parent, child, grandparents, grandchild or sibling, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew, first cousin, in-law, or step-relative.


In the event that a death occurs to a family member or friend that is not specifically covered by the policy, students can communicate the circumstances to the Dean of Students (DOS) to determine on a case by case basis if it is covered by this policy.

Travel Considerations:

If travel is required, students will be granted the following additional days of excused absences to account for travel considerations:

  • Verified funeral services within 150 miles of ISU campus   0 days
  • Verified funeral services between 150-300 miles from ISU campus 1 day
  • Verified funeral services over 300 miles from ISU campus  2 days
  • Verified funeral services outside the 48 contiguous United States  3 days


If a student will be absent because of a death, the student is responsible for notifying the Dean of Students (DOS) office prior to their absence.  The DOS will communicate with the individual's course instructors of record about the absence and the reason for the absence.  Upon receiving proper documentation regarding the death and relationship, the DOS will provide this documentation to each of the course instructors, if requested.  The DOS may ask for additional documentation if necessary.


If a professor fails to follow the student bereavement policy, the student may appeal the professor's decision in writing to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost.






Policy Owner:  Academic Senate/Student Government Association

Contact:  Dean of Students Office (309-438-2008)

Created:  04/2013

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