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8.1.3 Procedures for Maintenance, Mileage Reporting, and Transfer of University Owned Vehicles

I. Introduction

These procedures outline the maintenance guidelines, reporting of mileage, and process for transferring or disposing of a University owned vehicle. A working committee will perform a semi-annual review of reported mileage and maintenance of University owned vehicles to monitor usage and proper maintenance.

II. Maintenance

Annual Maintenance

Every University owned vehicle should have an Annual Service/Safety Inspection by the University Fleet Services Garage to identify any deterioration or needed maintenance to keep the vehicle in a safe operating condition. Annual Service/Safety Inspections can be scheduled through the University Fleet Services Garage at (309) 438-2091.

Ongoing Maintenance

University Fleet Services Garage can also provide regular maintenance or repair services. If regular maintenance is not performed at University Fleet Services Garage, each department is responsible for making sure that each University owned vehicle is receiving regular service based on manufacturer recommendations or at a minimum of once per year.

Additional information regarding the services performed by the University Fleet Services Garage can be found at https://facilities.illinoisstate.edu/services/automotive/ . 

Maintenance Reporting

Any records for maintenance or repairs that are not performed at the University Fleet Services Garage must be retained by the department and reported semi-annually on the University Owned Vehicle Mileage and Maintenance Form. Any maintenance performed by Fleet Services Garage does not have to be reported on the form.

III. Mileage Reporting

At the beginning of May and November of each year, a University Owned Vehicle Mileage and Maintenance Form must be completed with a current odometer reading and submitted to VehicleMaintenanceSurvey@illinoisstate.edu or mailed to Campus Box 9000.

IV. Transfer/Disposal of Vehicles

Contact the Fleet Services Garage at (309) 438-2091 or Property Control at (309) 438-2309 to report any vehicles that are no longer needed for University business or are inoperable and need to be reported to the Department of Central Management Services.



Initiating Body:  Comptroller's Office

Contact:  Vice President for Finance and Planning, (309)438-2143

Created:  6/2014

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