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8.1.10 Fleet Vehicle Request Using Multi-Part Form

Form to Use

All information requested on the "Request For University Transportation" form should be completed. The Fiscal Agent for the Department, College, Administration Office, or Agency must sign the request form. The Social Security number of the person who is requesting the vehicle must be included on the form. The individual who is driving the vehicle must show a valid drivers license before vehicle keys will be issued.

To reserve a bus, complete the information requested on the "Field Trip Services Using Chartered Buses" form. The Department Head, College Dean, and/or Fiscal Agent must authorize the bus request form.

Where to Send

All completed requests for fleet vehicles or chartered buses should be sent to:

Fleet Dispatcher
9000 Facilities Management

Where to Phone for Changes

If for any reason the trip gets cancelled or there are any changes in the information presented on the original request, please call the Fleet Dispatcher in the Facilities Management Department at (309) 438-2038. Trips not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance will be charged one day's use at that particular vehicle's rate.

Initiating body: Facilities Management

Contact: Director of Facilities Management (309) 438-2038

Revised on: 02/2002


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