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8.1.1 Television Programming


Illinois State University will strive to produce television programming reflective of its educational mission. No programming, except the news and public affairs programming originated by the University, will give air to specific religious sectarian issues, partisan political issues or parties, or pseudo political causes. A11 programming will be subject to FCC regulations, program guidelines of the NAB, and individual, internal University production agency policies, guidelines and procedures.

There are three programming/production agencies, for on or off campus program distribution, functioning within the University.

  1. TV-l0 News is a cooperative production of the Department of Communication, the Office of Public Affairs, and Media Services, generating news and public affairs programs. TV-l0 News offers students academic credit for laboratory experience in electronic journalism and, thus, is financed out of the University's general operating budget. All programming is under the direction and supervision of the News Director and the Production Manager, both faculty members of the University. News information should be directed to the News Director. Requests for public service announcements should be directed to the Production Manager.
  2. Media Services Television is a production agency generating educational, instructional, and special events programming for on and off campus distribution. This programming is initiated primarily through faculty and staff requests to support academic programs and, thus, is financed out of the University's general operating budget. In some cases, programming is produced in response to University or community needs but is still totally produced and coordinated within the service area.
  3. The Student Television Workshop is a student organization sponsored by the Department of Communication and funded through student fees. The organization is designed to develop advanced techniques of television production and channel television programs produced by students to the campus and community. All programs are submitted for approval to the Board of Directors and the Faculty Advisor.

The University sees the local cable television company as the agency responsible for community programming. But the University will consider programming requests for transmission outside the University in accordance with the following procedure: A request in written detail along with a cover letter indicating TeleCable approval will be submitted to the TV Programming Board at least two months prior to the proposed date of distribution. Requests will be evaluated on the basis of general University programming guidelines. Any programming in this category will also be subject to normal production costs and studio availability.

If a programming request is approved, the finished production will be viewed by the TV Programming Board to assure that it conforms to the original request and meets the usual production and technical standards.

If a programming request is denied, written notification will be given, in which case, the decision of the TV Programming Board can be appealed to the Dean of Academic Services.

Initiating body: Vice President and Provost

Contact: Director WZND (309-438-5491)

Revised on: 06/20/75


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