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5.1.1 Concealed Carry and Prohibited Weapons Policy


Illinois State University is committed to a safe and secure environment for the University community and its guests. The University established this Concealed Carry and Prohibited Weapons Policy pursuant to the 2013 Illinois Firearm Concealed Carry Act (430 ILCS 66 et seq.) and its enabling regulations and other University policy.   The purpose of this policy is to establish restrictions on possession, storage, and/or concealed carry of firearms and weapons on University property as defined below.


This policy applies to all University employees (faculty and staff), students, and visitors.   The University maintains a Weapons and Firearms-Free policy for all University Property. All persons covered by this policy, unless authorized by law or a specific exception in this policy, are prohibited:

  1. From possessing, storing, carrying, or unlawfully using any weapon or firearm on University property or in any vehicle owned, leased or controlled by the University, even if that person has a valid federal or state license to possess or carry a firearm.
  2. From displaying, brandishing, discharging, or otherwise using any and all weapons or firearms, including concealed weapons or firearms.

All persons covered by this policy must follow and are subject to any other applicable state or federal laws, and/or University policies including but not limited to the University Violence Policy (5.1.19).


The carrying or use of a firearm will be permitted in the following circumstances only if all criteria are met:

  1. Instruction and curriculum of officially recognized programs, including but not limited to military science; or
  2. The firearm is carried by an on duty law enforcement officer required to carry a weapon or firearm as a condition of his or her employment; the firearm is carried by an enforcement officer from an external agency conducting official business on University property; or any other exception is deemed necessary as determined by the ISU Chief of Police; or
  3. A concealed firearm may be stored within a personally owned vehicle only in certain unrestricted parking areas  on campus and only if all of the following conditions are met:
  • The individual has a valid conceal and carry permit; and
  • There is not a posted sign at the entry to the parking lot that prohibits concealed firearms in the parking lot; and
  • The firearm and its ammunition is concealed in a case within the locked vehicle ("case" includes a glove compartment or console that completely encloses the firearm or ammunition, the trunk of the vehicle, or a firearm carrying box, shipping box, or other container) OR the firearm and/or its ammunition is concealed in a locked container out of plain view within the vehicle; and
  • If the person removes the concealed firearm from the vehicle, it must first be unloaded inside the vehicle, and it may only be removed for the limited purpose of storing or retrieving it from the trunk of the vehicle.

Prohibited Activities

Illinois State University is committed to a safe and secure environment for all employees, students, and visitors. Pursuant to the University Violence Policy (5.1.19), conduct that threatens the health or safety of any person, or creates a reasonable fear that such a result will occur, including but not limited to: acts of violence, threats of violence, threatening behavior, reckless disregard for the health or safety of any person, and/or possession of weapons(s) on University property without proper written authorization or within a specific exception in this policy are not acceptable conduct at Illinois State University and will not be tolerated.

Prohibited Weapons

All weapons, including but not limited to a concealed firearm/handgun are prohibited on any University property unless all provisions of a firearms exception above are met, the weapon is used for a specially authorized purpose of instruction, research, and service approved in writing by the Chief of Police, or the weapon is authorized for use by an employee in the ordinary course of employment (e.g. an on duty law enforcement officer).

Prohibited weapons include but are not limited to:

  1. Firearm, Handgun, Firearm ammunition, BB gun, pellet gun, paintball gun (except with prior written approval from the Chief of Police), tear gas gun, stun, taser, or other dangerous or deadly device of similar type;
  2. Knife with a blade of at least 3 inches in length (except an ordinary eating utensil), dagger, dirk, switchblade knife, stiletto, ax, hatchet, or other deadly or dangerous weapon or instrument of similar type;
  3. Bludgeon, blackjack, slingshot, sandbag, sand club, metal knuckles, billy club, throwing star, nunchaku, or other dangerous or deadly weapon of similar type;
  4. Bomb, bombshell, grenade, firework, bottle, or other container containing an explosive, toxic, or noxious substance, unless under academic/classroom supervision, (other than an object containing a nonlethal noxious liquid, gas, or substance designed solely for personal defense possessed by a person 18 years of age or older);
  5. Souvenir weapon or other weapon that has been rendered permanently inoperative; and any weapons outlined in the Illinois Compiled Statutes on Armed Violence (720 ILCA 5/33A-1, et seq.)


Knowledge of violations of this policy should be reported to the Illinois State University Police and your supervisor. In their absence or in the case of emergency, the University Police (911) should be contacted.

Violations of this policy by students or employees will be considered "misconduct" and will subject the student or employee to discipline, up to and including expulsion or discharge/termination/dismissal as well as potential criminal prosecution.

Violations of this policy by visitors will subject the visitor to removal/restriction from any and all property owned, leased or controlled by the University, on a temporary or permanent basis as well as potential criminal prosecution.

University Police Department personnel may refer suspected violations of law to appropriate law enforcement authorities, and provide access to investigative or other data as permitted by law.


As required by state and federal law, the Illinois State University Chief of Police and/or Illinois State University President or his designee will report to the Department of State Police within 24 hours any student who is determined to pose a clear and present danger to himself/herself or others.


Concealed firearm – means loaded or unloaded handgun (any device which is designed to expel a projectile or projectiles by the action of an explosion, expansion of gas, or escape of gas that is designed to be held and fired by the use of a single hand) carried on or about a person completely or mostly concealed from view of the public or on or about a person within a vehicle.

University property –Any building, classroom, laboratory, medical clinic, hospital, artistic venue, athletic venue, entertainment venue, officially recognized university-related organization property, whether owned, leased, or controlled by the University, and /or where University programs, activities, and classes are held. This includes but is not limited to any University owned or leased vehicles, real property, including parking areas, sidewalks, any buildings, real property and parking areas used by or for Laboratory Schools, and common areas owned, leased, or under control of the University.



Policy Owner:  Office of the Provost

Contact:  Office of the Provost (309-438-7018)

Revised:  8/2014

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