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7.7.9 Tuition and Fees


Tuition and general fee rates are authorized by action of the Board of Trustees of Illinois State University on an annual basis.  Tuition and general fees, excluding health insurance, are assessed on a per semester hour basis.  Health insurance is assessed as a flat fee per semester to all students pursuant to the Student Health Insurance eligibility rules set forth by the University's contract with insurance carrier. Rates are subject to change pending any future Board of Trustees, legislative, or University administrative action. Please refer to the Student Accounts web site for more specific information at http://studentaccounts.illinoisstate.edu/.

 Rates are established in conformity with applicable federal and state law and Board policy including:

Truth in Tuition

Upon first enrollment in a degree seeking program at Illinois State University, tuition and general fee rates for undergraduate students are locked for a four year period in accordance with the Illinois Truth in Tuition Act 110 ILCS 675/20-125. Specific degree programs may qualify for a rate lock longer than four years. Please refer to the Student Accounts web site for specific information and requirements at http://studentaccounts.illinoisstate.edu/downloads/TruthinTuitionProcedures3-28-12.pdf.

Enrollment Competitiveness Program

In February 2012, the Board of Trustees of Illinois State University authorized an Enrollment Competitiveness Program commencing fall 2012 through which, as part of targeted recruitment efforts, selected entering high-achieving/talented out-of-state students or students residing in states contiguous to Illinois will pay a tuition rate of 1.0 times the in-state tuition rate and in accordance with Truth in Tuition. The University may limit the number of students eligible for this program.

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