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7.2.2 Permits for Parking


All vehicles occupying University parking facilities, other than a metered space during posted hours, must display a valid and appropriate parking permit.  Each employee or student may apply for one permit only.  One exception to this is that a motorcycle decal may be purchased in addition to a vehicle permit.  Other exceptions to basic regulations may be considered on an individual basis.

Permits are obtained at the Office of Parking Services, 709 N. Main Street, Normal, Illinois. 

As of August 2001, Federal tax law makes it possible for employers to establish the Pretax Parking Deduction Benefit so that eligible employees who pay for parking by payroll deduction may do so on a pretax basis, subject to certain limitations.   In accordance with Internal Revenue Service regulations, qualified parking expenses are limited to a maximum amount per month.  Pretax deductions reduce the amount of taxable income and the amount of Federal and Illinois State income tax and FICA withholding (Social Security and Medicare), thus increasing net take home pay.

Prices for each parking permit are listed on the Parking Services Web site.

Initiating body: Parking Services

Contact: Director Parking Services (309-438-8391)

Revised on: 4/2014

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