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7.1.24 Check Cashing


Personal checks may be cashed in the Cashiers' Office. There is a 50 cent charge for each check cashed, and the maximum dollar amount cashed per person each day is $50.50. In addition, only one check per day may be cashed. Student employees may also cash paychecks of any amount for a fee of $.50.

Because the check cashing service is limited to faculty, staff, and students, specific identification is required. Students must present a current class schedule with a driver's license, or an Illinois State University ID card. Faculty and staff must present a faculty/staff ID card. The only two-party checks that are cashed are those from parents. Individuals are charged $25.00 for each check that is returned by the maker's bank.

Initiating body: Vice President for Finance and Planning

Contact: Cashier's Office (309-438-5856)

Revised on: 05/2003

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